1 Trapped in a Dark Well

A young Romanian mother turned her back on her daughter for a moment. Playfully the toddler climbed into a bucket that was suspended by a rope from a crank over a dark well shaft. The child climbing into the bucket broke it free of it's mooring and it fell into the shaft. The mother turned quickly and grabbed the crank, stopping it from spinning. When the descent of the bucket halted it tipped over, pinning the child between the bucket and the wall of the shaft. Her feet were pointed up towards the well's opening and her head pointed downwards.

The mother's cry of alarm brought villagers with shovels to the site. The shovels were of no use. The risk of a shovel knocking a chunk of earth free and then breaking the toddler loose from her position was too great.

The child was in danger of being dislodged from her precarious position and drowning in the well. Accidents, which can happen at anytime to any of us, should make us understand what a temporary hold we have on life.

Trapped in a Dark Well 2

Do you know that in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible the connection a person has on life is referred to as a "Silver thread"? A thread of any kind is none too strong. With such a slender hold on life doesn't it make sense to be ready to meet your Creator? 
It is only because men's minds have been darkened by sin that both God and life after death have been called into question. It is also because of sin that death has obtained such horrible power over us. "The wages of sin is death." Death isn't the end-all. Death is more than the separation of body and soul. It is also the separation of the soul that has never come to the Lord Jesus to a place of "outer darkness" where there shall be "weeping and gnashing of teeth."

But thank God that he has made a way that everyone of us might be saved. He sent his Son the Lord Jesus to accomplish this salvation. Although the Lord Jesus did no sin he came into the world and died in the sinner's place. His death on Calvary's cross reveals two things. First it makes us know like nothing else ever could the immense love in God's heart. How much must God love you and me for him to send the Lord Jesus to die in our place. Second, it reveals God's perfect hatred of sin. If the Lord Jesus had to die in order to put away sins how dreadful must those sins be in God's sight. Don't trifle with sin but come to the Lord Jesus. It is only his work at the cross that can put those sins out of God's sight.

The toddler in the well was also saved by the work of another. A tall slender Romanian girl volunteered to let men tie her by her ankles and lower her headfirst into the darkness of the shaft. Two other teenagers had already tried but failed. This young lady was able to reach the child, grab her by the ankles, and hang on to her while men hoisted them out. The toddler had been trapped in the darkness of the well shaft for over six hours before being rescued. 
Won't you be saved by the work of another? Why not leave the darkness of sin behind and come to him who said, "I am the light of the world he that cometh to me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life." You will never be sorry you did.  —By BP.

The End