belief in Allah and His Prophet (may peace be upon him).

The outcome of my humble labour is before Allah and men. If there is any merit discernible in it, it is absolutely due to the unbounded Grace and Mercy of the Merciful Allah, but for all acts of omission and commission I alone am responsible.


I am highly indebted to Malik Ghulam 'Ali, an eminent scholar of Hadith and Fiqh who, on my humble request, agreed to revise the whole of the manuscript. His guidance has been of such a great help to me that no words can adequately express my feelings of indebtedness to him. I am also obliged to Maulana Sayyid Abu'l-A'la Mandudi, who always helped and guided me in this arduous task. Dr 'Abid Ahmad 'Ali also helped me in the revision of translation for which I am highly obliged to him.

I have undertaken this work in the capacity of a Fellow of the Islamic Research Academy, Karachi. The Academy had assigned to me some other projects, but when I requested its Directors to permit me to undertake the translation of the Sahih Muslim, they readily agreed. I am in this connection very much obliged to Professor Khurshid Ahmad and the late Ch. Ghulam Muhammad. Both these gentlemen treated me with generosity and evinced keen interest in the progress of this work.

Sayyid 'Ata' Husain, Manager of Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, has been a constant source of help and encouragement to me. It is due to his selfless efforts that this work is seeing the light of day.

To Mr Mohammad Ashraf Darr I am particularly indebted for his very keen interest in the project and for his active collaboration in not only seeing the publication through the press, but also critically examining the manuscript and giving me valuable suggestions at every step, which have gone far in giving this book the look and shape that it bears.

Ch. 'Abdur Rahman typed the manuscript with great skill and interest and I am obliged to him for this valuable service.

The staff of the Punjab Public Library, Lahore, deserve my special thanks for their willing co-operation in providing me books and other facilities.

Last but not least I owe a debt of gratitude to my publisher. Shaikh Muhammad Ashraf, who, in spite of his heavy responsibilities, agreed to undertake such a big project and took keen personal interest in its publication.

'Abdul Hamid Siddiqi

March 1971