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God as Triune

IT would of course be possible to prepare this chapter with a presentation of the scriptural proof for the doctrine of the Triunity, and of the historical proof that this doctrine was always held by the Christian community. But this has already been done frequently enough; and moreover it is as irrational that this doctrine is attacked by Islam as unscriptural. No, the very Scriptures themselves are rejected on the ground of the 'irrationality' of this doctrine and of the Incarnation and Atonement which are bound up with it. What we want to do now, therefore, is to try to show that this belief in the irrationality of the Christian position is an error; and that these doctrines, first, are philosophical in themselves; and secondly, that they make belief in God—One, Holy, and Loving—more and not less easy.

Let us start by applying this twofold axiom then, to the doctrine of the Trinity in Unity. Let us seek to show: first, that it is rational, by replying to the main philosophic objections that are urged against it; and second, that it facilitates, not complicates, a true theistic faith.

Five Philosophic Objections stated and answered.