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Duncan B. Macdonald

Reference:  Macdonald, Duncan B.(1863-1943), Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudance and Constitutional Theory, Charles Scribner, New York, NY, 1903, pp. 386. 

Background:  This book offers insights into the historical development of Muslim theology, jurisprudence, and constitutional theory. 

Chronological Table: The Chronological Table gives important dates in Muslim history.

Genealogical Chart for the earliest history of Islam: This Genealogical Chart shows the familial relationships in early Islam.

Chronological Table of Alids: The Chronological Table of Alids presents the descendents of Ali. 

Greek text:  There are a couple of Greek words that use Unicode.  It may be necessary to configure your web browser to visualize this text.  The Muhammadanism web site has help files for Unicode.  You can make sure that your web browser displays properly the Unicode characters by clicking, Unicode.

Last edited 02-04-2002