art doing I (I swear) by God, O Buraq, there never mounted thee before Muhammad a servant of God more honoured with God than he is.’ Accordingly (Buraq) became so much ashamed that he poured forth sweat. Then he stood still till I mounted him." "Al Hasan in his Tradition has said, ‘The Apostle of God went, and Gabriel went with him, until he reached the Holy House (Jerusalem) with him. There he found Abraham and Moses and Jesus amid a band of the prophets. Accordingly the Apostle of God acted as their leader (Imam) in worship, and prayed with them, thereupon (Gabriel) brought two vessels, in one of which there was wine and in the other milk. Accordingly the Apostle of God took the vessel of milk and drank of it, and left the vessel of wine. Therefore Gabriel said to him, ‘Thou hast been guided to Nature and thy people have been guided to Nature, O Muhammad, and wine is forbidden you.’ Then the Apostle of God departed, and when it was morning he went to the Quraish and gave them this information. Then said very many people, ‘By God! this matter is clear: by God! a caravan takes a month from Mecca to Syria, and a month in returning, and does that fellow Muhammad go in one night and come back to Mecca 1 ?’"
According to this narrative, Muhammad went

1 Siratu'r Rasul, pp. 138, 139.

only from Mecca to Jerusalem and back in one night. Later traditions amplify the journey considerably, all, however, professing to give the account which the reciter declared came from Muhammad himself. In the Mishkatu'l Masabih the following story is given, with the usual string of names of those through whom the tradition was handed down:—

"The Prophet 1 of God related, ... While I was asleep, ... lo! a comer came to me: then he opened what is between this and this ..., and he took out my heart. Then I was brought a golden cup full of faith. My heart was washed, then it was replaced, then I came to myself. ... Then I was brought an animal smaller than a mule and taller than a donkey, and white: it is called Buraq, and places its front feet at the far end of its range of sight. Then I was set upon it, and Gabriel carried me off until I came to the lowest heaven. He demanded admittance. It was said, ‘Who is that?’ He said, ‘Gabriel.’ It was said, ‘And who is with thee?’ He said, ‘Muhammad.’ It was said, ‘And was he sent for?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ It was said, ‘Welcome to him, and very good is his coming.’ Then one opened. Accordingly, when I entered, lo! Adam was there. Gabriel said, ‘This is thy father Adam, therefore salute him.’ Accordingly I saluted

1 Mishkat, pp. 518-20.